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Community banks face a daunting set of challenges today. Persistently low interest rates have compressed net interest margin, price competition has intensified, and apps have made retail banking faceless and commoditized. Once a mainstay, face-to-face interaction with customers has dwindled, leaving branches underutilized and relationships at risk. 

In this environment, new sources of recurring non-interest income, customer engagement, and efficiency are more important than ever.

Sapphire can help.



By working with Sapphire through our Networking program, community banks can discover a new source of noninterest income and mitigate the risk of losing relationships, loans, and deposits. We are not a broker. Sapphire is a registered investment adviser. Community banks can take comfort in the fact that Sapphire, a fiduciary, puts clients' interests first.


Sapphire offers OCIO (outsourced chief investment officer) services for community banks that provide investment advisory services, but may lack the scale needed to operate efficiently and/or the expertise required to serve clients well. Our OCIO services provide community banks with an opportunity to leverage economies of scale, as well as Sapphire's deep investment expertise. 

Sapphire is an affiliate of Independent Community Bancorp, Inc. We share a mission of helping community banks compete. 

Contact us to learn more about how we serve our clients as a fiduciary and how we create value for community banks.

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